New division vice presidents appointed

Superior Linen Service reorganizes and refreshes its team.

TULSA, OK (January 2018) –Superior Linen Service is proud to announce the following transfers and promotions in its senior management team.

Mike Knowles has been appointed to replace our current Chief Operating Officer who will be retiring after 41 years with the company. Being appointed to Chief Operating Officer, Mike will be at the helm of one of the leading linen companies in the region. Having over 25 years tenure with the company and previously holding the title of Vice President of the Western Division, Mike is more than ready for this new role. “I’m looking forward not only to what I can bring to the table in my role, but also what our new VP’s can accomplish with their diverse approaches toward higher success.”- Mike Knowles

Transfering locations and divisions, Jarrad Shields will be leaving the Eastern Division as Vice President and making the move to Tulsa, OK to accept the position of Vice President of the Western Division. “I know that Superior Linen Service had several great candidates to consider for this position. I am exceedingly grateful for this opportunity to serve our company in this capacity and am excited to get to know my new team.” - Jarrad Shields

As the new Vice President of the Eastern Division, Ronny Luthi will be leaving his current position of Director of Plant Operations to take Mr. Shields place. “I am very honored to take on the role of GM of the Eastern Division. I love this company, the industry and the people of the Eastern Division.” -Ronny Luthi