therese hood

Director, Territory Sales and Client Development

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P: 405.384.5705

"I'm the Linen Lady who's been covering people and tabletops in linen since 1998." 
-Therese Hood

As a child, Therese thought she wanted to be a veterinarian until the science and her emotional attachment to animals became a stumbling block. So, she became the one thing that came naturally to her—a people person.  She knew she'd be in sales, but a Linen Lady? Never in a million years. But it's the people, customers and colleagues, that "keep the bleach in [her] blood flowing even after all these years". 

On a more personal note, Therese is the mother of one son who she describes as being the best life experience ever. She is a Jane of all trades that loves anything outdoors including camping, hiking, swimming, gardening, golfing, horseback riding, and anything else with an "-ing" on the end. Her passion in life (besides linens of course) is her involvement with leadership training for adult volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America. Needless to say, Therese is a busy lady who is often hard to pin down unless you get her to sit in a floating chair in the pool. Then and only then, will you see her immobile for hours on end.  Consider that an insider tip from us.