Sarah Canady

Credit Manager

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P: 918.513.8639

For someone who always thought she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, we're sure glad she chose to study business and come to work for us as our Credit Manager. Sarah has been with Superior Linen Service for 8 years and is working towards achieving her bachelor's degree at Oklahoma State University. 

Married for 15 years, and a mother of two children, Sarah is a busy lady whose priorities are always to put her family first. Her son Treven is a total boy, collecting bugs and critters for his mom to look up in the bug dictionary; while her daughter Grace, is a total princess who loves to play dress up with her 8 year old Cavalier King Charles and chase her around the house in costume. We can't decide who loves the chase more, Grace or the dog; either way Sarah loves to watch. When she gets a moment to herself, Sarah enjoys kicking back to read a good book, lounging by the pool, or going for a long run.