Russell Holt

Compliance Officer

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P: 479.756.9330 ext. 109

Russell's tenure with the company dates back to before Superior Linen Service. Over 40 years ago, when he was just a young boy, Russell started work at Industrial Uniform and Towel Supply and worked for Gil Waldman as a truck loader. After a shortlived retirement from the industry, Russell made his way back to Superior Linen Service to stay. 

On a more personal note, Russell has been married to his wonderful wife for 35 years, has two sons, and four beautiful grandkids. When he's not working, you can likely find Russell doing something to stay active. His favorite activities include hiking, camping, and kayaking among others. It's also very important to not leave out that he is a Crossfit Certified Kettlebell Trainer and therefore, lives for kettlebell workouts and competing in Crossfit competitions. If you ever want to get Russell off-topic, mention working out; he's a wealth of knowledge.