Brand New Look. Same...

April 26, 2013 | Tulsa, OK

Every story has a beginning. This beginning dates back over 30 years, when Superior Linen Service had become an entity all its own. In 1984, we branded ourselves on the famous “Drive Friendly” signage that had swept its way through Oklahoma and Texas. The goal was to get
customers to subconsciously associate us as a “friendly” brand with which to do business. And with that, a logo was born.

Over the years, several versions of the logo surfaced with different design elements, taglines, colors, and fonts. Although they were
similar, they weren’t consistent  - and in an industry where
consistency is the key to a successful business, we decided to
make a change.

Change came quickly, as we realized all we stood to gain by 
rebranding - and with that came new ideas, a new logo, a new
website, and brand new branding (pun intended). Today, we are
armed with the tools to convey a fresh, relevant, and consistent
identity to our employees, our customers, and all customers to come.

We hope you enjoy our brand new look and

same Superior Linen Service!